I Phone Pocket Holder

Introduction: I Phone Pocket Holder

Have you ever ben driving and needed to get your phone or i pod but can't get it because you are sitting down? Using the pocket holder you put your phone in side the holder so you can easily pull your phone out or other items such as credit cards, money, pad of paper, pen or what ever else you can think of. This also stops the awkward moment of trying to reach your phone in long or large pockets in this instructible I can show those with and without 3D printers how to make this life hack device. if you like this please vote for in in the mind for design contest.

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Step 1: Explanation

as seen in the picture it is a very easy design and this is just how its made. this is not sized to any thing so if you have a 3D printer this is for you to see how to make one to fit your phone or i pod. other wise this one in the picture is a universal design.

Step 2: How to Make One Without a 3D Printer

you can make a version of the holder with thin wood or card bord i will include 3 pictures of the cut outs for copying and pasting to a document to print (sorry app won't let me make document file)

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yes you can make it out of legos i haven't tried it but it logically should work. If you make one out of legos send me a picture. :)