In Under 3 Minutes, Go Indoor Fishing: the Grab a Crab Game!



Introduction: In Under 3 Minutes, Go Indoor Fishing: the Grab a Crab Game!

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Build the game of your dreams and become a fishing queen (..or king of course)!

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Step 1: Assemble Your Materials

Firstly as always, you'll need your materials.

1. Grab some paint and a big area.

2. Scissors, cups, some markers and wire will make things get serious!

Step 2: Give Your Catch an Expression

Not every crab is a happy crab!

1. Use your marker to give them faces both happy or drab.

2. Once their smiles are complete, attach some claws for extra grab.

Step 3: Add Your SAMs!

1. Use your SAM DC Motor to make them move!

2. Add a wheel to make it smooth.

Step 4: Make 'Em Move!

1. To give your crabs the moves, open up SAM Space.

2. Drag the DC Motor, a Servo, Sound Player, Hold, and Space into the interface.

3. Connect the Space to the Hold and the Hold to the other three elements to create the chase!

Step 5: Go Fishin'!

So now that you've got your crab colony, you'll need a rod if you're going to catch any!

1. Use a metal wire to shape the hook, and tie it to the end of a rope to a stick put your luck on a penny!

2. Go fishin' and catch two or twenty!

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