Instructables Lampshade

Introduction: Instructables Lampshade

This was a fun easy project that you could do in 30 minutes or less. It was simple and creative, it is a nice project to make because you take virtually any picture you want, or even draw your own, and make a cool lampshade out of it. All the materials you will need are a lampshade, a pin tool/needle, masking tape, and a picture of your liking. Here are the steps I took to complete my lampshade:

Step 1: Gather all your materials needed (lampshade, needle, and picture, and masking tape)

Step 2: Tape your picture to the lampshade, it doesn't have to be straight up and down, it can in whatever direction you want.

Step 3: Take your needle and start poking holes along the outside of your picture, so you outline the picture. If there are any lines or spots on the inside, you can poke them out too (like mine).

Step 4: Once finished put lampshade back onto your lamp and turn on the light. You should be able to see your awesome design or picture you created.

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