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About: I'm16 and in my free time I control cockroaches, weld, make canoes from duct tape, 3D print, make helmets, light big pieces of wood on fire, and other awesome stuff

I love instructables! The community is great, the staff is amazing and the ideas are outstanding! So I thought it was time I make an instructable themed instructable!

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Step 1: What You Need

  1. paper
  2. thicker paper
  3. cardboard
  4. a color printer
  5. spray adhesive
  6. a love of instructables!

Step 2: Print This! (on Regular Paper)

print these pictures!

Step 3: Print This! (on Thicker Paper)

download and print the attached file

Step 4: Sorry

sorry if I didn't get you on a dollar bill audreyobscura, danger is my middle name and DIY hacks and howtos your profile pics didn't really work on a bill

Step 5: Cut!

cut out everything!

Step 6: Assemble!

assemble the paper nets with tape

Step 7: Make the Board

get a big piece of cardboard (that will fit all of the sheets on it) and glue them down with the spray adhesive

then cut the cardboard along the edges of the paper

NOTE: make sure the paper is lined up when you glue it

Step 8: Customize!

customize your robot!

my sisters added wings and crowns and I added a top hat and a mustache!

Step 9: Play It!

play it! the rules are exactly like regular monopoly except that when you land on "ask a question" you ask a question (any question) the people who get it right take 30 from you and the people who don't get it right give you 30

Step 10: Credits

instructables robot papercraft head: =SMART=

free parking car picture: visualspicer

instructables failed project robot picture: xxlauraxx

pictures on the money: the robot, seamster, tomatoskins, amberrayh, ewilhelm, kiteman, and mikeasaurus

picture of me: my sisters

everything else: me

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    3 years ago

    Ya know, I didn't see a comment from DIY Hacks and How Tos.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    !!!!!! this is delightful! though since it's based on monopoly if we play it in the office it will eat our lives and maybe take down the site :) :)

    2 replies

    Don't worry about the site going down because of that ... worry about Hasbro/Waddington's lawyers showing up with an IP rights infringement claim :)

    Do you have a "chance" card for that circumstance? "Instructable violates large company's IP. Go to jail. Do not collect tools on the way"

    Nice twist on Monopoly, though!


    4 years ago

    Love Monopoly and sure look foward making playing thos one day :) Awesome build. Keep sharing! :)

    1 reply