J_SCAP's Knex Butterfly Knife V.2




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the first knife

I first saw this on J_scap's RBG video. and I really liked it.
Credit to J_scap for the vid and knife.

2nd pic. the first knife LOOK HARD to find the differences (or cheat and see what the yellow boxes say).

Step 1: Parts

these are the peices you'll need.
grey clips-26
white rods-3
yellow rods-4
concrete/silver rods-1
tan clips-1
metallic blue clips-1
concrete/silver clips-1

Step 2: Handles

this is the handle.
pic 1 first simple handle insert 1 yellow rod into holes
pic 2 second handle, harder to make. I'm too lazy to tell how to make it.

Step 3: Body

this is the real different part of the knife.
pic. 1 make this.
pic. 2 make this.
pic. 3 (hard to see) put the thing in 2nd pic. into hole from the 1st pic.
pic. 4 same as pic 3.
pic. 5 add blue metallic clip on other side.
pic. 6 another angle.
pic. 7 add the concrete/silver rod for the blade

Step 4: Adding Handles to Body

pic. 1 add a grey clip to one end of a handle (to this to both handles).
pic. 2 slide onto the body.
pic. 3 add another grey clip onto the handle end and body (do for both sides).

Step 5: Done

Yay you're finished with the knife, have fun!



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    yea but his one kinda sucked at the body when u open it the handle bars go in
    this is a much better improvement thx


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    yes, i noticed that...a minor change but i dont think that is legible enough to post a whole instructable all it is is a yellow connector has been replaced with a red one...forum topic anyone?