Jolt: a Bolt-action, Semi Repeating, Bullpup, Mag Fed, Compound Slingshot.




Introduction: Jolt: a Bolt-action, Semi Repeating, Bullpup, Mag Fed, Compound Slingshot.

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No... I didn't die, I'm still here. Sooo...this is a collaboration with jaredb (I think he's changed his name here but I'll check what it is and update this. I know it took me a while but I've been really busy with school stuff and haven't had time to really post. On to the features I guess :P

Range: terrible rounds aerodynamically, but pretty good gun to fire them with. it pushes them for 40ft but at close range it's pretty accurate. needless to say I'll be posting a v2 soon

efficiency firing: not that good, but better than many slingshots. pull the bands back over the catch, then pull back and release the bolt to chamber a round. really cool mech :)

comfort: a little short from stock to handle for my taste, but will fit many quite well. everything else really comfy.

mag: modified version of my zipdart mag. works pretty well and loads straight in, not swivel in.

looks: I like to think it looks cool but you decide. I'll start work on a v2 soon and hopefully post instructions with that



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    Looks like something from halo :-)

    It definitely looks cool but I dont really understand how the mechanism works :)

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    Lol once school starts I'll hopefully have more time and put out a v2 with instructions. Here's a rundown: when you pull back the bands they go around those pulleys so you have more consistent tension the entire way along, and at the end they pull that little orange connector back so it passes the trigger sear, then once the bands pass it it springs to vertical but is blocked at vertical. It has bands that try to keep it nearly upright. After doing this, the bolt (that long draw at the back) is pulled back. When it gets to the back it has a slot. It pushes a little "buffer tube" type thing back which allows it to come back and have a bullet fit into the slot. When it comes forward that "buffer tube" follows it and blocks off any more bullets from coming out of the mag. When it comes to the front the top of the slot in the bolt is actually a lever. When it comes to the front the front of that lever goes up a ramp and the back gets pushed down so that it pushes the bullet down into position to be fired by the band, and acts as a bullet lock.

    Wow that's actually very descriptive. I know how it works now. Nice man

    This guns name is a bit of a mouth full but it's extremely cool!

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    I'll post instructions for it in a v2. It's the same as kts ( typing out the rest takes a bit :P) 's version when it comes to the mech as of yet

    OK. LOL his name, is well, rather stupid. Extremely stupid. But I understand he had nothing to do with the new name.

    What a name lol and the name changed because well siblings sheesh you finally posted wow

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