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Introduction: K'nex XBow

My k'nex xbow, a powerful gun with good range, and, it has a true tirgger that should be able to take almost any power of rubber bands you have. I have made sure this version doesn't use any exotic pieces. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Making the Handle

First we've got to start with the handle, the rest of the trigger system will build up around this.

1. Build one of these
2. And one of these
3. A piccy of the two bits you should have just made
4. Build one of these (blue rod with 5 greys)
5. Finished handle

Step 2: The Cage

The cage kinda holds together the trigger and the leasing mechanism, its simple to make just make sure you 'cross brace' it with the little white pieces as pictured.

1. Start with this, all of those hard to see pieces are the purple 90 degree connectors
2. This is what it (pic 1) looks like from the side, make sure you use the blue connector on the purple for one of them. (both close and the far side)
3. Make one of these
4. Add (pic3) onto the end of the piece you just made to get this:

Step 3: Trigger

This is where the trigger starts. The trigger uses a ratchet like system which is incredibly strong and will allow you to put extremem weight on it whilst still being able to loose the bow.

1. make one of these
2. add 2 white pieces (this will make the trigger, the reason i don't have a white bar on one is because i use this gun in my right hand so this makes more sense and is more comfortable)
3. get this piece ready
4. Clip it onto the piece you just made(pic1+2) so that the grey pieces can hang freely
5. clip two red rods onto the free hanging grey clips you just put on
6. Make one of these (add another white rod where the other two were, sorry, forgot to put this in when i was rebuilding)
7. clip both pieces together and add a blue axel rod through the second bit we made
8. should look like this
9. line up step 2 with the new bit
10. shoule look like this, the bits should freely move
11. when this is at this angle......
12. .......this should be at this angle

Step 4: Attach the Handle

Just a quick step, attach the handle to the trigger.

1. add two blue (360 conectors) onto the front
2. clip the handle on (step1)

Step 5: Building Up the Body

Gotta make this baby strong.

1. 2x of these
2. add both to back of gun
3. Should look like this from the top (add those grey to space apart the whites, sorry forgot about photographing this step earlier)
4. make this (the rathchet)
5. make this
6. clip (pic5) to (pic4) so you get this, its strong!
7. Should look like this
8. insert the new piece in, make sure it is to the right of the white rods we made earlier
9. looks like this
10. make this side bit x 2
11. add them together to get this structure
12. should look like this from the side
13. line up both bits
14. connect, now very strong
15. attach rubber bands like so to both sides
16. will look like this, pulling the trigger will release the ratchet
17. change the top bits from the 360 ones to the flat top ones, sorry about this forgot when i was rebuilding!
18. now looks like this

Step 6: The Front

Building the main front of the bow...we're nearly finished...

1. build this
2. add some greens (love those little guys)
3. clip this on both sides
4. this white is important, put one on both
5. sorry this is soo hard to see, it basically clips ontop of the middle channel thats on pic1 and 2
6. clip it on
7. start adding the top, should be pretty self explanatory
8. nearly done
9. clip it all on to the trigger section

Step 7: Loading and Firing!

Get ready, here it comes!

1. make a rubber band like this, just string to tie tow together (the string tends to lock in better to the ratchet trigger mechanism) the more band the more power, mine has 2 per side.
2. hook one side of bands on
3. same to other side
4. to load..... pull back the string
5. push this part of the ratchet (very back of the gun) downwards as far as it'll go
6. pull sting back to the ratchet and hook it over all three white clips
7. like this
8. a bolt, build many of these, try varied sizes of rods, tell us what works best!
9. push the bolt back into the string
10. your done, point away from youself and pull the trigger!

thanks for reading, this is my first instructable i hope you enjoyed!

if u made the gun please post pics i wanna see!!!



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    168 Discussions

    By far this is the best actual crossbow, not a cannon sized or large crossbow ive made mostly because of its simple yet reliable design of both the trigger and the body =) I just haven't found a good bullet that doesnt twirl after 30 feet, i can pierce cardboard and break .5in plywood at 10-20 with your normal bullet but thats only when i add a ton of rubberbands to make it goes straight, im trying to make a good bullet for it but i can't seem to make a good one...

    1 reply

    This is, in my opinion, the best knex thing on this site! as for the bolts, heres of picture of my preferred design. I haven't tested it with all 3 grey rods on, but with 2 it went a fair distance for the size of the bolt. here's a picture of my completed one and my knex weapons, all of which are on this site, and none of which are built by me :), though I have modded them all.

    2 replies