K'NEX Doll Chair

About: I am a homeschooled kid from the U.S. My brother is The Red Book of Westmarch, and he helps me manage my page. My name is Latin for "Out of many, one" meaning that I like to take many K'NEX or LEGO pieces an...

Intro: K'NEX Doll Chair

Sometimes it is fun to take a break from the world of K'NEX guns, and build other things, and that is what I decided to do with this project: a K'NEX Doll Chair. With a little help from my brother, The Red Book of Westmarch, and with a little inspiration from some of my sister's doll items, I built this "fully functioning" doll chair, because, as every body knows, every K'NEXer has a doll.

This chair can fit your average American Girl doll or anything that you want to put into it (including a real baby!). Its also not too ugly, and has a removable / "fold-able" tray for easy baby removal. Enjoy!

-E Pluribus Unum



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    The devil just gave birth 0_0 but the chair is cool. The doll is just staring into my mind, messing with it... ready to begin its assault on everything that lives

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