K'NEX G-MAL (Update)

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Hey guys! Its been a while hasn't it? Well, I'm back again with a new replica, the G-MAL. To be honest, the G-MAL (see pic #6) is not a real gun, more like a heavily edited copy of a real gun. The gun itself come from the game Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception (my bro and I got a PS3 for Christmas), and is a "fake copy" of a Micro Galil.

This gun, overall, exceeded my expectations dramatically (say THAT ten times fast). First off, I think it looks amazing, my brother The Red Book of Westmarch thinks its "boss," as he calls it. With it's sturdy stock, great mechanism, comfortable body, and great magazine setup, this is a gun I would feel totally comfortable taking into an indoor K'NEX war.

- Great range: 50 - 70 ft.
- Sturdy body, magazine, handle/grip
- Great pin-pull (see pic #16)
- Magazine release
- Looks somewhat like a Micro Galil
- Amazing looking magazine
- Comfortable grip/handle
- AK / eastern way of inserting magazines
- Not too piece consuming
- Great sight sets
- Looks very accurate

Sorry BM for "taking" your 7th layer grey connecter building style, but I kinda had too, as those were the pieces I had left.


- E Pluribus Unum



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    War pig

    5 years ago

    That gun has a really cool look man......looks nice

    2 replies

    5 years ago

    My challenge to you and Red, build a snowman (real) and add knex pieces to make eyes and stuff, then use it for target practice!

    9 replies

    XD, good idea, but our snow is not "snow-man-making-snow"... if you catch my meaning... this snow is more like salt when it comes to consistency.

    I managed to build one yesterday with the same consistency snow, you have to pack it together instead of rolling it. Then i used it as a target for my Nerf Centurion.

    Temps, i can beat that, here its going to be -30 degrees tuesday-with wind!