G36K V. 2.5

About: K'NEX gun builder here at Instructables. More or less retired from the community, but I still pop in now and again.
Dr. Richtofen: Hello fellow knexers. This G36K is a collaboration between The Red Book Of Westmarch and Dr. Richtofen. Most of the gun (main body) is made by TRBoW, while some small details (pistol grip, a bit of the magwell) are done by Dr. Richtofen. The stock is the same as on Rec0n's G36, as it fitted this gun the best. This gun was a ton of fun to build and to play with.

The Red Book of Westmarch: Hi guys! Yes, I know, another of the G36 line. I'm a Heckler and Koch fan though, so its natural. XD
This gun was a ton of fun to build and to play with. This was my second (well, actually 6th or 7th) version, and it is ten times better than my first (see pic below). Lets move on to Pros and Cons, shall we...?

Looks great
Mechanism is simple
Mag works great
Handle is comfortable
Butt-stock is comfortable
Fires great
Shots dark grey connecters with a green rod
Range is good (30 to 50 ft.)

Not accurate
Mag is hard to take out
Not as accurate looking as Dr. Richtofen's XD
Barrel is not split
Butt-stock is quite flimsy

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Step 1: Dr. Richtofen's G36K

This is my version. I built the body from the pics TRBOW has in his preview topic. I added a grip, stock, sight and a bit different magwell on it.

Step 2: The Red Book of Westmarch's G36K

Well, this is mine (obviously). I enjoyed building it, as it was somewhat of a challenge to make it look right. Hope you enjoy the video(s) (coming soon)!

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    43 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    nice gun. i like the "tactical" stock a lot better in it's simplicity and neat looks lol. nice gun overall, good replica. i like how you're honest about that little curve in the stock that interferes with the FP. btw, your version is much better than richtofen's (no offense there doc). it's one of your best replicas so far if not the best. i've said it before and i hope to keep on saying it: keep up the good work.

    8 replies

    No offence taken. I was almost out of yellow connectors after building most of the main body, so some parts were not as good as I wanted, such as the mag which needs to be bigger.

    Why don't I get messages of you replying to me? Anyway. I don't wanna buy new parts, I'm not allowed eiter. I'm gonna buy a guitar soon, and I think I have enough parts (I can build most guns 'round here)

    Thanks bro. It really means a lot to here that from you. Yeah, I like the tactical stock a lot more than the normal "folding" stock. Yup, I don't feel the need to lie, and I was sure it was obvious. Again thanks bro, and yes, this is probably my best replica.

    i didn't mean in opposed to lying, but most people will just not mention that part, as it is small and easy to miss for the inexperted eye (wink wink)(is inexperted a word? it sounds good to me. un/in + experted...). ok, you're a good person.

    Well, I oppose lying heart and soul. XD Well, I felt the need to show that fact because to me it was an obvious flaw in my model. Unexperted...hmmm well, I don't think it is a word, but it addresses the necessary slot well enough lol. I would probably go more with the word "inexperienced." XD


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm. I really wish I could start with a picture and end with 3d version. Maybe I should try that. Anyway great gun! Kills all my other guns in range. Does it use broken pieces? (It does, i know it will)

    2 replies