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Introduction: K'NEX Star Wars Lambda-Class Shuttle

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Don't underestimate the power of Instructables!

- Darth Vader - Episode IV

This instructable will show you how to make a Lambda-Class Shuttle from the Star Wars movies! I've made this model for the K'NEX contest 2015. Personally I'm a Star Wars fan and the Labda-Class is one of my favourite ships. (I tried to make a Millenium Falcon, but I didn't succeed, since it has shapes that are hard to make with K'NEX)
The ship has several moving parts, such as the foldable wings (like the real ship) and 3 turrets that are on the model that have ball-joints. If you're not the flying-around-type, you can display the model with a display stand. I've made a customized information plate that's available to download. (The original comes from the LEGO Ulitimate Collectors Set 10212)

The steps are as followed:

  1. Parts needed
  2. The hull
  3. The cockpit
  4. The display-stand
  5. The wings
  6. Assembly

Each step has an altered Vader-quote to keep the theming right ;)

Check 'm out and don't forget to vote for me in the K'NEX contest :D

Step 1: Parts Needed

You will need the following:

Rods:Buy here

  • 157x Black rod
  • 52x White rod
  • 59x Silver rod
  • 11x Blue rod
  • 2x Flexible blue rod
  • 6x Dark grey rod
  • 2x Green rod
  • 2x Tan rod (strengthend, may not be necessary, use green instead)
  • 1x Black rod (strengthend, is necessary)

Connectors:Buy here

  • 2x 8-way black connector
  • 58x 8-way white connector
  • 16x 7-way blue 3D connector
  • 32x 4-way silver 3D connector
  • 54x 5-way grey connector
  • 9x 4-way green connector
  • 14x 3-way dark grey/red connector
  • 25x 2 way (V-shape) grey connector

Clips/Other:Buy here and here

  • 4x Complete hinge (consists of 4x hinge blue part & 4x green/black part)
  • 10x Metallic spacer (1½ width)
  • 6x Blue spacer (½ width)
  • 8x Black clip with rod end
  • 6x Clip with Angled end 3D Orange
  • 5x Clip with Ball end
  • 2x Clip with Socket end
  • 2x Clip with hole end dark gray
  • 6x Clip blue
  • 1x small rubber band

Panels: Buy here

  • 4x Tri panel mini silver
  • 1x Tri panel small black
  • 1x Square panel small silver

Wheels: Buy here

  • 1x Wheel 25 mm Open centre black

Step 2: The Hull

Now, I am the maker...

This step will show you how to make the hull of the shuttle, via the pictures.

First you start off with the basic structure, then legs are added. The cross beams are placed to increase strenght. Then the wing attachment points are made. Notice that these can rotate, and watch where you put the green rod! Hereafter the top of the hull is closed and you can move on to the cockpit.

Step 3: The Cockpit

Get my toy-shuttle...

This step will show you how to make the cockpit, via the pictures.

First you start with the nose of the cockpit, then the screen is put in. The cockpit gets finished and connected with the hull you've made earlier.

The next step is making the display stand. Of course, you do not need to build it, if you just want to "fly" around with it.

Step 4: The Display-stand

DIY; you can rule the galaxy!

This step shows on how to make the display-stand for your shuttle. No substitute can be made for the black rod as these are too weak and well bend.

Next you'll make the wings

Step 5: The Wings

You have instructed me for the last time, admiral...

This is the last building part of this instructable, where you'll be making the wings.

First, you start with the left wing, then the right and and thirdly the upper wing, thus forming a Lambda-pattern.

In the next step you will see how to attach them to the hull.

Step 6: Assembly

All too easy...

In this last step you'll attach the wings to the body.

First push the hull down (if you haven't already), then connect the clip with the black rod.
NOTE: If you don't want to put it on the display-stand, you can just put the upper wing in the 3 slots.
After that, attaching the left and right wing is easy.

Well done! You're Imperial Lambda Class shuttle is ready to take off! :D

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77 Discussions

May I ask what's missing, then?

I don't want to act arrogant, but want to improve this instructable further.

Thank you :)

My rating system is based on 5 things: originality, usability, quality, size, and detail.

Alright, I guess usability could be higher!
More models coming with more moving parts :)
Thanks for replying

I guess I technically could give it usability because I do play with the things I make.

Hey, if it interests you, I put off some other builds until later and am working on 3 new instructables. They'll take me a while as I have to get the pictures, and the first one's just a plane, but the other two are a Star Destroyer (8 inches long/ish), and the Resurgence class Star Destroyer Finalizer (also 8 inches), as seen in The Force Awakens. I'm also thinking about a Super Star Destroyer.

5 replies

Haha, fun thing is: I've been thinking about building a Star Destroyer aswell :) But then... I think 90 cm / 1 meter long (about 3 feet)
But, I'm missing a few parts for that. (4 Metallic/Silver ball halves) So I'm thinkin of building a Venetor Class instead :) (Republic)
Nice, I hope it will go well ^.^

3 ft? *whistle...
That's quite large. I built one 'bout 2 ft long a while back, but it was one of the most pathetic things I ever built. I considered building the Venator class Cruiser, but the coloring threw me off. How do I use the design I use and yet have a series of red rods down the center?
I used (and hopefully will use) the same base for the Avenger, the Finalizer, and Executor.

So far, it only exists in my head :)
I hope I can work on it before I leave, otherwise you will not see anything from me the next 6 months.

I don't know yet. Perhaps the answer is a pattern of red connectors instead :)

Oh... and I'm building a LAAT :) Wings need to be finished. And yeah, like you mention in your first post: Photographing takes time! Post-creation is about 50% L:

Here's some inspiration. Please don't feel like you have to do this, but gunships are officially LAAT/i (Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry). There are also LAAT/c (Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier). If you had the pieces, it would be awesome if you created a carrier for the AT-TE.

Currently the LAAT/i is being built ;) I have some sliding mechanism for the doors. For the rest, I could also build a LAAT/c, because the cockpit is on the large side. On the /c it would look better in proportion. I can see :)

Oh, and I did create the Executor. It did require some alterations to the main base.

I tried to make a K'Nex TIE Fighter, but the wings were far too small for the main body. Also, the body had a more octagonal shape than a spherical.

1 reply

Ooh, that's a shame :/
Together with Linkin_J_Knex I've made a TIE-fighter with a somewhat spherical shape :) Stay tuned if you want to see it, I have an instructable about it coming soon!

Are these better? These are the best I could do, I had very limited space too. I haven't sent them via email as my email is personal to me. If necessary you can delete this comment. If any more pictures are needed please ask. The way the cockpit connects to the wings is very unorthodox so I took off a few parts and took 2 pictures. Hope it goes well :) - linkin j


This is amazing =) it inspired me to try to build kylo ren's shuttle from the force awakens =)

3 replies

Pictures? :)
I thought of making that one... so I'm curious what you've come up with.

Building it as I got the email! =P. Here it is so far:

Extremely complex ways of making the shape xD


Aha! Like that :) you keep the colour consistent, great!
I like that it's so small, and the hinges and engines are clever.

I started a First-Order TIE-fighter, but the cockpit is really hard to make due to its spherical shape :( I only made one wing, it uses 12 hinges each... (4 big ones and 8 small ones)