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"Echostation 328... We've spotted Imperial Walkers"

In this instructable I will show you how to build a K'NEX Snowspeeder that can take down those All Terrain Armoured Transports, also known as AT-AT's.

The snowspeeder is a modified version of the Incom T-47 Airspeeder: It has additional armour and lasers. The cooling radiator on the back is insulated against the extreme cold on the planet Hoth.
My K'NEX model is 16.5 cm long and uses only 131 parts and is thereby my smallest Star Wars model that I've built so far. The model has a windshield that can open (but not like in the movie) and Air-brake flaps, to enable very tight turns. Also a Harpoon is positioned in the back, just like in the real aircraft. It was built alongside the AT-AT as can be seen in the video below. Building time was about 2 hours in total.

This instructable will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Parts needed to build this model
  2. Building the Snowspeeder
  3. Building the Display Stand

Here you can see a video of the model:

Step 1: Parts Needed

Individual K'NEX pieces can be bought at:

  1. KnexUserGroup (UK)
  2. KnexSpares (UK)
  3. Knex.com (USA, very limited selection)

Parts required to build this model + Display stand


  • 18x Black rod (16 mm)
  • 19x Silver rod (32 mm)
  • 10x Blue rod (54 mm)
  • 6x Dark Grey rod (86 mm)


  • 1x 8-way connector White
  • 3x 7-way 3D connector Blue
  • 2x 4-way 3D connector Silver
  • 15x 5-way connector Grey
  • 6x 3-way connector Dark Grey
  • 1x 2-way (long shape) connector Brown
  • 3x 2-way (long shape) connector Orange
  • 20x 2-way (V-shape) connector Grey


  • 10x Clip with rod end Black (Y-clip)
  • 5x Clip with rod end Silver (Y-clip)
  • 2x Hinge part Black
  • 6x Ball joint Ball part Black
  • 2x 3D-angle connector Orange
  • 2x KNEXMAN head Black

Step 2: Build the Snowspeeder

This step shows how I made the Snowspeeder. First you will build the main part. Everything is attached to a white 8-way connector. The 135° angle is great for giving the Snowpeeder it's shape. Sorry guys, I had to use the orange 3D angle connectors, otherwise it wouldn't be as sturdy as it is now. You add the engines, the cooling unit in the back, the harpoon gun and last the cockpit. It can't open like shown in the movies, but you can tilt it forwards.

The Snowspeeder was a very quick build. I finished it within 1 hour. The result was satisfying. Perhaps the scale is not completely right with the AT-AT as shown in the video, but I think it was close enough. I'm very happy with the shapes and colours. It's my smallest aircraft so far, but I love it, I hope you will too!

In the next and last step, you'll build the display stand.

Step 3: Display Stand

I changed the display stand somewhat, and made it simple to make it accessible. I left out the panels, since they're not really necessary. Cut out the plaquette that is supplied by means of the .pdf-file. Attach it to the display stand and then attach the snowspeeder.

That's it! You have yourself a shelf-worthy miniature Snowspeeder! If you can, don't forget to build the AT-AT, so you can re-live the Battle of Hoth yourself :) Thanks for reading my instructable. The first person that makes it, I will try to reward with something!

May the Force be with you,




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13 Discussions


1 year ago

how do I attach the picture to the frame

2 replies

Reply 1 year ago

Here's some pics for clarification. Hope that solved it!
If not, don't hesitate to ask :)


Reply 1 year ago

See the little tabs on the sides (Left and right)?
Bend them 90 degrees backwards and put them on top of the white/silver rod, but between the red pieces. I'll try to include a picture


2 years ago

I'll try making this without the 3D orange connector :) Oh, and favourited your AT-AT and voted for both of these :D

4 replies

Reply 2 years ago

I put it up to a contest, but didn't make it to the finals hehe, well maybe obviously. Can't rememeber which one


2 years ago

This is the first of your builds I could've done, primarily due to lack of certain pieces. When I built the harpoon cannon, I thought it would've connected to something. When the model was done, I was still trying to figure out where it went.

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

Awe, that´s a shame, but you built this one! Please post a pic or two under this comment!

And nope, it´s not really attached. Because it´s surrounded by the rest of the pieces. Did that answer your question? You can see it in the video too, by the way.

The Knex Inventor

2 years ago

Awesome model! I will definitely build this. Looking forward to the AT-AT instructions! Favorited and voted, good luck!

2 replies
GWorksThe Knex Inventor

Reply 2 years ago

Awesome! Thank you :D If you build it, post pics of it.
I'll have to remind you that this too uses 2 of those 3D-angle pieces.

Thanks a lot and I see you already commented on the AT-AT ible as well ;)

The Knex InventorGWorks

Reply 2 years ago

You're welcome! I will definatly post pictures when I make it!