K'Nex Breastplate/chestsheild

This is a knex breastplate/chestshield. Its very strong I tested it with my knex gun that had 6 rubberbands on it .You can make it bigger if you want. This is also my first Instructable but say what you want about it.

Step 1: The Shield

make this,simple right

pic 1: what you make
pic 2: a closer view

Step 2: Top Strap

now your making one of the straps

pic 1: make these
pic 2: make this to(there's 23 hinge things you can take some away or add more if you want)
pic 3: connect on top like this
pic 4:connect on top on other side like this

Step 3: Bottom Strap

now your making the second strap

pic 1: make
pic 2: attach like this on each side

Step 4: How to Put On

heres how to put it on

pic 1: unatach somewhere on the top strap put around neck and connect again
pic 2: unatach on one side of bottom strap put around back and connect again

Step 5: Done

now your done!!!!! any mods or suggestions welcome and if you need any help just comment.



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    7 Discussions

    The Jamalam

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I think this is good, but has some weakness, one of which is obvious - it is only connected to the outer frame by the corners, the rest is just hanging. May i suggest using an outer frame of white rod; yellow connector; white rod; yellow connector etc, then connect the yellow connectors to the whites in the plate with green rods? Also, a chain isn't ver comfortable to hold it up. Maybe use elastic, string or horizontal rods going over your shoulders? Besides these, it is very good, 5 stars

    3 replies

    White rod, yellow connector is not possible with the white connectors in is configuration, you have to replace the green rods in the corners with white ones and then make the edge with yellow connectors.

    arrow shot

    10 years ago on Introduction

    ...eh....you should use knex plates form those old sets, now those are good. this wont defend against my sword though. muahaha, im coming for you