Key Lime Pie Mocktail / Strawberry Key Lime Mocktail

Introduction: Key Lime Pie Mocktail / Strawberry Key Lime Mocktail

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As a native Floridian living in Nevada, I have trouble finding key limes in the middle of winter.  The next best thing is  Kellie and Joes famous key lime juice.  Try using real key limes if you live in a place that supports citrus!

Here is my original recipe though ....

One of my FAVORITE ways to make this is with  1/2 cup fresh strawberries in the mix as well.
(hence the strawberry key lime title)

1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup of regular milk
2 Tbsp key lime juice
1/2 cup of ice

Step 1: Add Milks

add sweetened condensed milk  and regular milk to blender

Step 2: Key Lime Juice

Add 2 Tbsp Key Lime juice - I use a scant more...

Step 3: Drinky Drinky

OOPS!!!  I immediately poured this into a cup and strted to drink before I got a picture!!!  I am lip licking sorry!!!   ENJOY!

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