Knex AKS-74U

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This is the AKS-74U I've shown you all. Please Rate, Subscribe and Post!
Shoots Blue Rods.

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Step 1: Stock, Handle, Mag, and Other Misc. Parts

Stock, Handle, Mag, and other Misc. Parts

Step 2: The Main Section

The Main section. READ ALL NOTES!

Step 3: Assembly

Build it. Use Blue rods. Have fun!

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    War pig

    6 years ago

    You better post looks amazing

    1 reply

    I also apologize for this comment. It was the same day I was mad because I couldn't get it together. I really am sorry. This gun is SO epic! :)

    Hey, I have a request for you. Can you try making a working M4A1? I have searched for that and couldn't find any, so you seem like the guy to make one. Out of knex BTW.

    I tried a while back that wasn't so good, but I might be able to try again. Give me some time though please I'm not going to be able to crank one out really quickly.

    I'm sorry, I didn't realize that I could go back and forth through pics to find out how to put it together. So, I am going to try again tomorrow. And in the main section part, the pics are not out of order, your doing great :)


    Which is kinda silly as he found mine the same way he would find another.


    (This is not in a mean tone, just a question)
    How? By telling him to find a different instructable? Wouldn't that be like telling him to go away cause it's not good? Maybe it's just me... I dunno. Thx though.