K'nex AS Val




Hey there fellow knexers, this is my k'nex AS Val. I give 100% credit to Mr. Stealth because this is actually the shorter version of a VSS Vintorez. the only differences are: bigger mag, the handle is a bit moddified, shorter barrel and a new but well designed stock. this gun still uses the same mech and has te same range

!AGAIN, I GIVE 100% CREDIT TO Mr. Stealth!



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    ikke wel want ik wil zelf mijn eigen hond ook zo opvoeden want ik heb hem nu net twee weken en ik vind het gwn leuk om te kijke


    7 years ago on Introduction

    als je hem nog hebt, stuur alsjeblieft een paar close ups van de achterkant, kga em na bouwen :P

    thanks, actually i like the comment because the stock was the only part that I made by myself so it's nice that someone sees the stuff that I make LOL

    War Hawk One

    7 years ago on Introduction

    this gun is allong gone so it's no use to give any sugestions anymore but stay tuned and you will see a M60E4 in a couple of minutes and BTW you're the quickest commenter that I've ever seen =D thanks.

    2 replies

    Yea, the only reason that I did not reply quickly to this one is because it did not show up in my tracker for some reason =( I saw the M60E4, it was EPIK. My favorite gun is the M240 LMG =)