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Hello, and welcome to my posted China lake replica!


Shadowninja31----> I used his internals
Knexguy-----> His stock

Let's move on to the pros and cons.

- (!IMO!) Looks great.
- Working pump (but has no function.)
- Extra hidden mag in the stock.
- High cap mag (the real one holds 2-4, and this one hold up to 8 bullets.)
- (With me!) 100% jam free.

- Range isn't that great.
- It takes some time to take the next shot since the ramrod is in the stock.
- Sights look like the real one but you can't use them really.

Conclusion: Fun to use and good replica, but not suitable for knex wars!

Step 1: Pump.

Just make it off these pictures.
I didn't take the time to take it apart completely but these pictures should work just fine.

Step 2: Lower Rail.

This is just for looks, but it is nessecary , for the pump.
Just hold the apart.

Step 3: Frontal Barrel, Upper Rail and Sights.

That's a long step name but it is a short part. Read the notes they're important because one of the pictures shows something wrong.

Step 4: Rear Barrel, Plus Trigger and Mechanism.

This might be complicated for some people.
But just follow the pics, nad the notes.

Step 5: The Stock.

This is the stock. I think this is a little complicated, but just follow the pics.

Step 6: Putting It Togheter.

Well again just follow pictures.

Step 7: Ammo, Mag Push and Ramrod.


Step 8: Loading and Adding Bands.

Just follow the pics. Then you're done! yeah



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    Reply 7 years ago on Step 7

    There is an extra mag in the stock so you don´t need to put extra ammo in your pocket. and because of the gravity you also need a mag push in the stock, or else the spare ammo will fall out.

    Did that help?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Depends on what you think is working. Yes it is moving, but it has no function. It doesn't load a shot. (look at the stats.)
    Thanks for looking at my China Lake.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Lol it's mainly for looks, and cool features. But I thought this was more usefull than ammo in your pocket.


    Yeah (.eu if you're european or if you're British.)
    brand new and pretty cheap Good luck!