K'nex Folding Tanto (Japanese Ninja Dagger)

Introduction: K'nex Folding Tanto (Japanese Ninja Dagger)

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So, this is the first step by step instructable I have done, so don't kill me if you can't figure something out. This is a folding tanto/ninja dagger which is pretty cool. I couldn't figure out how to make it lock open, though, but you can probably do it with a rubber band. This will require you to modify some of your pieces, but they should still work in other models.

Step 1: Building the Sides

You just need to build two assemblies like this to start. Note the green peg at one end which is absent on the other.

Step 2: The Pivot

This is where you'll need some good side cutters. You'll need to modify two yellow joiners so that the small blue spacers will fit PERFECTLY. It has to be perfect so the blade doesn't slip off the pivot when it opens. Just look at the picture to see what I mean.

Step 3: The Blade

Build this assembly next. This is the blade. We'll attach it to the pivot in the next step.

Step 4: Connecting the Pivot and Blade

So go ahead and remove the blue spacers from the pivot and connect to the blade as shown. Note that the sideways yellow connector is on the end.

Step 5: The Handguard

Attach the two pegs as shown to form the handguard/opening mechanism.

Step 6: The Motion Restrictor

Next, just clip a white rod into a yellow connector sideways as shown. This assembly will keep the blade from going all the way through the handle when you close it.

Step 7: Assembling the Main Frame

Connect the motion restrictor to one side as shown. Make sure it faces the right direction. Thread the two blue spacers onto another white peg and clip it in as shown.

Step 8: Adding the Blade

Place the blade on the peg as shown. Note how the tip of the blade fits into the motion restrictor.

Step 9: Final Assembly

Go ahead and snap the other side on as shown. NOTE: the grey clip on the end of the handguard MUST be turned sideways (see second image) or the blade will open too far and hit your hand. So, that's it! Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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