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Introduction: Knex M16 Vietnam Style

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My Christmas Present to all you Knexers!

Ok so ive been waiting for years now for someone to get every aspect right of a M16 from vietnam. So ive waited long enough and came up with my own ideas and made my very own.

Looks very realistic
Shoots great for a replica(45 feet with 3 tied together #64 bands)
Relitivly light for its size
Comfy to hold

Uses a broken piece(And one optional one on the handle)

So lets get started.

Step 1: Stock

By the way this instructable goes in order of easiness of building.

1:What You are Building
2:Insid of what you are building

Step 2: Handle

1: What you are building
2: The three components of the handle
3-4: Inside piece that fills in the handle
5: Insert the filler
6:Put on the other side

Step 3: Main Fake Barrel

1: What your building
2-8: Specifics

Step 4: The Main Body and Mechinism

1: What your building
2-12: Specifics
When done put the other wall on it.

Step 5: Put It All Together

This is the best part were you get to see the final form of you gun and see what it fires. It fires a orange connector with a green rod in both slots as seen in picture 5  with the mag pusher.

Step 6: Have FUN!

Have lots of fun with your new gun. Hope you all had a exellent christmas.

Please Rate,Subscribe(because thats whats keeping me building this stuff),and Favorite.

And Probably some underbarrel attachments like grenade launcher comming soon!



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    Dude I I messed up and I can't make the barrel shorter

    its a decent gun other than the fact it has a mini style stock but that is changeable.

    Yes, because a backwards front sight, made up handgaurd (Entire front end is wrong), undersized stock, oversized mag, wrong angle pistol grip, and badly done receiver are realistic.

    im doin a barrel cut-off. i dont have that many orange connectors to waste on looks.

    Never Mind. Horrible instructions, but nice gun. Im not skilled enough to build this from these instructions.

    THis may be the only instrucable with 42 ratings and 5*

    Very well done! I am starting this asap!

    is the mag removable?
    i rely want to build but if it is stationary.....

    I don't know why the time on the previous comment is so late

    just finished building it.yay:). It is probably the best m16 I have ever made. he only bad thing is that i dont have that orange thingey at the front sight. what else can i use

    I hate the m16! And Vietnam is not my favorite war! But your ingenuity has caught my eye, 4.5*