K'nex Mini Scooter With Brake!

This is my first instructable, a small k'nex scooter that is rather easy to build. It's about 9.5" (24 cm) tall and about 11" (28 cm) long.
Ok, I admit the brake isn't the best, but I suppose it's better than nothing.

Here are the pieces required to build the scooter:

2 wheels and 2 tires (Each wheel with tire should be about 1.75", or 4.5 cm, in diameter)
1 white rod
2 blue rods
9 yellow rods
1 red rod
2 yellow 5-slot connectors
15 orange 2-slot connectors
3 gray 1-slot connectors
4 beige 1-slot connectors (shorter than the gray ones)
3 blue 1-slot connectors (shorter than the gray ones)
13 blue spacers
2 gray spacers


-return 0;

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Step 1: The Back Wheel

This is the back wheel and what holds it up.

Step 2: The Back

In front of the back wheel.

Step 3: The Front

In front of the first two.

Step 4: The Front Wheel

This holds up the handles.

Step 5: The Handles

The final piece.

Step 6: Connection

This is where all of the pieces are connected to finish the scooter!

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