Knex Motors Are Waterproof!





Introduction: Knex Motors Are Waterproof!

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     I had an extra knex motor lying around so I decided to see if it was waterproof, and it is! The video demonstrates the concept.
Only the classic knex motors like the one shown in the video are waterproof.



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    We have a motor just like the one you have shown. It is water damaged. The previous owners kept it in a pool shed and it got water in it. It is rusted and makes a squealing sound when it runs. It can only run for a few minutes before it gets overheated and stops. They AREN'T water proof. I haven't tried oil yet to lubricate it yet.

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    It seems that they are temporarily waterproof. I tried marine grease which kept the water out but clogged the motor.

    "Only the classic knex motors like the one shown in the video are waterproof." How did you find out? :D :D :D

    Not entirely, perhaps for the short amount of time yes. I've taken those motors apart, and the main shaft is made up of 2 pieces, with the clip turn the knex rod in the middle. The clip is loosely fitted, as well as the secondary (front) shaft.

    Some epoxy might fix the problem, and some caulk on gap between the 2 case pieces.
    This may be of uses in making a Knex boat, but you could just have an inboard motor and run a shaft to the propeller.

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    My motor like that broke in water...but it's a good idea. im making a knex boat and i need a motored mechanism...any ideas guys?

    Yh it might work but i was thinking i would need something that could give a bit of constant power lol, i might give up; i never will make it float....but it is kinda making a bit of progress :) :)

    Well another thing you can try is using some empty waterbottles they'll float, and then you can make a pontoon boat.

    FAKE! jk, lol

    Yeah, for a short period of time it is prolly, and then it also depends on which motor you get, on some the screws are more loose than on others etc.

         While I'm assuming the battery pack is not waterproof (water would seep through the edges and cause corrosion), this concept could still be applied in a variety of ways. For instance, you could make a K'nex boat (use empty waterbottles nestled in bottom part to make it float) and mount the battery pack on the highest part of the model. As long as the boat wasn't too top-heavy, you could have a fine motorized boat that really floats!
        All to say, great job! :-D Sometimes experimenting is so rewarding! 8-)

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    I agree with you on that. The battery pack probably isn't waterproof. As to making a knex boat, the idea seems possible. You could add a waterproof servo, an ESC, and a receiver, and then you'd have a R/C knex boat.