Knex PPSH-41




Introduction: Knex PPSH-41

About: I'm a Christian guy who plays in a band. I like building stuff with knex and Legos. And I like Lord of the rings. And thats about it...

One layer due to lack of pieces.....................Easy to build Please comment

Step 1: Body

Pic 5:make 2 of these

Step 2: Grip

Step 3: Stock

Pic 3: make 2

Step 4: Trigger and Trigger Guard

Step 5: Barrel

Step 6: Mag

Step 7: DONE!!!!! =D



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    Lol thx man

    It amazes me to see that you can do in this in only one layer(ish) of K'nex. Impressive, as always. :D

    Thx man