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Well I have had a loooong history with Knex and have tried to keep a record of (most) of the stuff i've built over the years, all saved on my computer (so expect more stuff coming soon!).
Aaanyways, I was looking at those memories when I stumbled across a small pistol that I made a few years back which I have respectively named The M.S.A (Mini side arm). But because I built it a long time ago, I can't remeber whether it was my own creation or just a copy of someone else's so if it wasn't mine PLEASE PM ME and i'll give the real owner (if it isn't mine) all the credit and redo this whole ible.
So I found this pretty useful as a sidearm. It performed well for it's size and even had iron sights! It wasn't the easiest to load the ammo (green rods) into the five round mag but once you did it never mis-fired and shot a good 20-25ft. The only reason I say it is good when there a lots of other (better) side arms out there is because of it's size; it could easily fit in a pocket and was still a comfortable side arm whilst retaining a true trigger!

-Small and compact
-Easily fit into the palm of your hand or a pocket
-True trigger
-Reliable mech
-Uses small ammo which are more likely to go further than a larger ammo fired with the same energy
-5 round mag
-Iron sights
-Ammo holder
-Reliable firing
-Noticed that some pieces could be swapped with others to make the gun even smaller!

-Sometimes the  far wall of the mag is pushed out but the ram rod (but only occasionally)
-Fiddly loading 
-Mag non-detachable ( can't have everything! XD)
-low(ish) range 20-25ft

Thats it!
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    cazadactleDJ Radio

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I completely agree but I didn't make this to look good, I made it to be my smallest gun with a mag, handle and trigger.
    P.S (i know that there are other guns out there that are smaller but I wanted to retain the classic handgun style layout)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good! I would build if you put up some instructions and I have NOT seen any sidearm that looks like this one 4* =D

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yea it's just I wasn't sure whether or not it is my design or someone else's but thanks for the comment though!! =D


    Well, yeah. The description says all...but I had a look through the past guns I've made and are thinking of redoing some and/or posting instructions for them. For instance, I'm going to make this one better and post some instructions but also I'm thinking of posting instructions of my folding target range as I haven't broken that up yet. But right now I'm concentrating on a new working pump action spas 12 but I need to find a way to make either a mag for it or a single shot system at the front and it's slow going...