Knex Rat Rod Instructions

Instructions on how to make the rat rod

Step 1: Step 1- Parts

Small green rods-41
Small white rods-28
Medium blue rods-15
Medium yellow rods-21

One end grey connectors-80
V shape connectors-8
Right angled red connectors-30
67.5 degree green connectors-14
Half moon yellow connectors-30
Full moon connectors-8
3-d half moon connectors- 2
3-d full moon connectors-2

Blue half spacers-4
Rubber loom bands-24


Step 2: Bits to Make

You will need these ready-made bits for later

Step 3: The Making

Make 4 of the first one, then put all four of them together in pairs shown in second pic with green pieces, now get the fourth pic and attach like so, now turn it over and attach the bit like so, now add these to all four bits, now put the rubber bands on like so, attach the front, back and wheels and your done! Enjoy



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