Knex Sniper Rifle (mod's Wanted)




This is a very basic sniper rifle. it comes with pullback ram and good power. it shoots about 20 feet which may sound small but most others claim to get hundreds of feet. i am simply being honest.
it is a good beginners weapon. if you have muscle its easy to load and fire with good accuracy.


Good Power
Easy to use
Simple to build
Amazing replica


Not the most powerful gun

Kudos to dutchwarlord for the bayonet

If you have any mod's post them in or make your own instructable showing them.
( remember to give credit to me )

Step 1: Firing Chamber

Build carefully and use correct pieces.
Do not attempt to modify until complete.

Step 2: Barrel

Build as image shows.
The Yellow connectors in between the barrel sides are necessary.

Step 3: Body Pt 1

This is tricky but follow the pictures and you should be fine.
If you wish to modify in any way please do it when the gun is complete.

Step 4: Body Pt 2

Pt 2 of making the body

Step 5: Slide Guard

This is a very important part of the gun so don't try to remove it

Step 6: Bolt

This is the bolt that propels the bullet

Step 7: Assembling Pt 1

Pay close attention to this

Step 8: Assembling Pt 2

Pt 2 of assembling

Step 9: Assembling Pt3

Part 3 of assembling

Step 10: Assembling Pt4

Part 4 of assembly



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    9 years ago on Introduction

     if someone came up with a mag and trigger mech that gave it more power that would be great!

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for being honest with the range. I get sick and tired when people post knex guns that look good, but only shoot 20 feet and they claim to go over 100 feet. It also looks like a great gun.