Knex Sword V2


this is my knex sword V2. the reason it is a v2 instead of a completely different model is that my first sword is alike to this one as it has replaced the half moon connectors with snowflake connectors.
Pro's: strong
comfy handle
looks cool
Cons: could be stronger
its a little flimsy

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Step 1: Piece Count

Guess what you do here! Have fun counting...
66 white
49 green
2 blue

24 half moon/yellow
28 snowflakes/blue connectors
6 green
2 red

6 y connectors

Step 2: The Handle

how to make the handle

Step 3: Cross Guard Thing Ma Bob

this shows you how to make the cross guard thing ma bob

Step 4: Blade

how to make the blade

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Final construction!

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