K'nex Weapon of War Review

Introduction: K'nex Weapon of War Review

About: Retired from instructables now. I am going over to YouTube so check me out at "knextreme productions"!

The Weapon Of War is a yellow rod/ oodammo shooting beast! It utilizes a handle pump mech with the trigger on the grip for maximum rate of fire! Both the rod and oodammo mags are pre loadable and are well designed!


Range- oodammo 65-75 ft rods 55-65 ft

Mags- oodammo ~16 rounds rod (modified) ~ 9 rounds

Cut parts- yes

Tape- yes

Glue- no (you do want it though)!

Layers- 12 (max) 3 (min)

Reliability- second to none!

Overall opinion- Very good war gun! In my opinion (SHUT UP KILLER K) the WOW is better that the TR-8 and the ZKAR because of its fast rate of fire, acceptable range, pre loadable rod and oodammo mags, and its reliability (all in short to medium ranges)!

My YouTube review of the gun: https://youtu.be/qWhmEem0ueg

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    4 Discussions

    Lucas The Boss
    Lucas The Boss

    4 years ago

    Thank you for reviewing our gun! Glad that you liked it!

    The Crystal Railgun
    The Crystal Railgun

    Reply 3 years ago

    Lucas teamed with Blue Mullet to make that... it's amazing how it can take 2 types of mags... O.o XD

    Knextremely stupid
    Knextremely stupid

    4 years ago

    Sorry about the sideways pic! Idk what happened!