Knex Wheel





Introduction: Knex Wheel

There aren't many wheels I've seen on the site, so here's something to fill the gap. And it's almost perfectly circular!
Can be increased in size; just add more parts in conjunction!



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    Reminds me of my 18 turret... When I first made it, I only saw it as being a wheel. This could prove to be more useful than it looks.

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    Is your 18 turret on the website? Couldn't find it. I'll see what i can turn it into.

    This is awesome. If you made a full sized bicycle wheel that'd be great. I've always wanted to see a knex bicycle that's actually ride-able.

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    That's the point, lol. And after that I'd want to see a tank. I'm completely serious. I want to see a tank.

    Can work. I've tried it. But i can't seem to get it to be smooth. Jams too often.