Knex Wrist Mounted Bomb Launcher




About: I like trains. That is all.

This is my fourth intructable, but my first knex one. I hope you like it

Step 1: The Body

You will need: 10 grey connectors, 4 blue connectors, 1 red connector , and 1 green connectors. You will also need 6 white rods, 4 blue rods, 2 green rods, and 2 rubber bands

Step 2: The Rail

You will need two of all of these parts: light grey connectors, grey connectors, blue connectors, white rods, blue rods, an red rods.

Step 3: Putting It Together

You will only need the parts you already made and two green flexible rods.

Step 4: Add Ons

I added connectors onto the front flexible rod in this pattern : orange, light grey , yellow, and light grey again. You should be able to do this pattern 6 times.

Step 5: Firing

To fire, all that you have to do is pull back on the green connectors on the rail and put your ammo in front of it and hold it there. Then let go!



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