Knex Zip Line

Introduction: Knex Zip Line

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Step 1: Parts List:

Hey everyone, The Bacons Avengance here with my new creation- a fully-functioning knex zip line! Today I'll be showing you how to make this project. Miscellaneous parts for this project: string, wall-safe tape, Scissors. Knex parts for this project: Connectors: 2 yellow, 6 orange, 4 red. Rods: 7 yellow, 4 blue. Misc. 2 small wheels/pulleys, 1 small wheel/pulley with rubber, 1 large wheel/pulley with rubber, 14 blue spacers. Optional: 1 Mario kart power up, 1 thing in parts list picture.

Step 2: Zip-car

Step 3: Zip Line

There! Your done!

Step 4: Making It Work

Pull the zip-car up to the top of the zip line. Then lower the car's top wheels onto the string, let it go, and watch it zip across the room!

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