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Introduction: K'nex Ball Machine Maximum

About: I'm a 17 years old K'nex ball machine builder. I'm from Holland.

Hi fellow Knex' addicts,
I'm proud to present you "Maximum", a "around-the-room K'nex ball machine", the biggest ball machine that I have made so far. It has taken me 7 months to complete. Please feel free to ask questions about it.

"Maximum" is the entry for my K'nex Contest submission. I would appriciate a lot if you will vote for me!

-Dick Heijboer-

(For new elements designed by me, please visit: https://www.instructables.com/id/My-new-Knex-ball-machine-elements/ )

Step 1: Network 1

Step 2: Track 1 Network 1

Step 3: Track 2 Network 1

Step 4: Track 3 Network 1

Step 5: Track 4 Network 1

Step 6: Network 2

Step 7: Track 5 Network 2

Step 8: Track 6 Network 2

Step 9: Track 7 Network 2

Step 10: Track 8 Network 2

Step 11: Network 3

Step 12: Track 9 Network 3

Step 13: Track 10 Network 3

Step 14: Track 11 Network 3

Step 15: Track 12 Network 3

Step 16: Network 4

Step 17: Track 13 Network 4

Step 18: Track 14 Network 4

Step 19: Track 15 Network 4

Step 20: Track 16 Network 4

Step 21: End

Thanks for watching. Don't forget to vote! ^^

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    This was one of the first ball machines I ever saw, thanks for the inspiration!

    1 reply

    I don't see why I'd deserve it more. Anyways, good that you won, now it's a sure thing those parts will be used for more cool projects ;)

    In your ball machine are much more new elements and lifts... But thank you that you think I deserve it! That's absolutely a sure!

    wow...aside from that I am basically speechless.


    "this thing is fr***ing FANTASTIC!"

    1 reply

    Wow, this machine is massive, great job on completing it! Also, I think I've seen this style before somewhere... :P Plenty of new elements and stuff, makes me want to start building again too.