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Introduction: Knex Carbine

About: hey! i'm benfoxg... I am into runecape, cars, and knex gun making! I like knex bows, and swords. I don't like guns. they=evil and kill peeps.

This was from some guys form topic. he wanted me (or anyone really) to make an m1 Garand or the Carbine in the picture of his form. so, here it is! (by the way I'll post if I get 5+ request on the comments from different people)


60+ feet range with rod bullet and no fins (with only 2 #64 rubber bands...!) Or 100+ feet (with 5 #64's)

around 50+ or so feet per second (my Ak-47 with same mechanism and power got that...might post if get requests)

power = 1 inch penetration of very thick cardboard box with sharpened red rod on yellow connector at 1 foot of range =) Or with 5 rubber bands at a few feet with a yellow rod on yellow connector it pierced all the way and the connector went halfway through the box. =)

magazine: don't work as a magazine because its a sling mechanism (they own) but it can hold bullets:number varies on type of bullet)

stock: from the winchester

made to compete with: I don't know, maybe all those carbons with clip trigger system?



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    It's a nice-looking gun, but what makes it a carbine and not just a K'Nex gun?

    do you even know what an m1 carbine is hellpilot? I have a real one and the mag does go in the bottom. If ur gonna criticize him at least get ur facts straight.

    2 replies

    Why does this site keep allowing these knex gun instructions? They have nothing to offer except to a select group of people who need to go start their own bloody site. What a waste of time and space.

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    I didn't make the m1, he ask people to make either the m1 in the pic or the carbine...I made the carbine. although the mag is a bit to far forward i didn't feel like moving it. but if all the sudden u like this and u build it u can move it. oh and by the way this shoots over 100ft with 5 number 64 rubber bands with no fins =)

    I take it that this isn't from my forum. because I did post one similar to this.

    the Instructable is ready to be published so get commenting!

    oh and by the way I fixed the spelling and took out stuff like ft, btw,idk and so on...