Knex Ipad Dock/stand





Introduction: Knex Ipad Dock/stand

This is my tablet dock/stand.

My main goals were:

- Make it slim so it looks nice.
- It needs to charge while standing in the dock.

I have search the web and i didn't found a good ipad dock.
The ones I found were to big so nog really practical
and they could not charge while standing in the dock.

So I made this tablet/smartphone dock/stand and I really hope you like it!
Iphones and Ipads can charge inside this dock while standing in the stand.
NOTE: this stand is for ipads and iphones with lightning connectors but it's
really easy to adjust it to 30-pin connectors!

ps. I'm new to the instructions and hope to give you some good pictures.
And sorry for my bad English cus I'm Dutch.

Tell me your opinion!

Step 1: Dock for Lightning Connectors

In this dock only lighning devices can charge.

Step 2: Dock for 30-pin Connectors

In this dock lightning and 30-pin devices can charge.



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    12 Discussions

    Nice, can I have a clear adjustable stand instruction?

    Thank you! There are not much out there. What would even be better is an adjustable stand and i'm working on that but it's hard to make it as slim as this stand.

    Here they are! - the old stand with a new look and an second stand build in. -the new adjustable stand! I hope you enjoy it! (:

    Photo 13-02-14 11 08 18.jpgPhoto 13-02-14 11 08 42.jpgPhoto 13-02-14 11 09 03.jpg

    thank you again! I hope the pictures are clear? So you could build it ore you need more pictures of both? tell me!