Knex Powerful Semi Automatic Gun





Introduction: Knex Powerful Semi Automatic Gun

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This is a gun I made while I was trying to make a grey connector speed reloader. It fires 6 grey connectors semi automatic for about 10-15m. I will extend the mag to make it 23 round cap. I will post if you want me to.



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    post post post post pppppppppppooooooooossssssttttttttt how big is it

    i built it. great gun! i find if you tilt it forwards a bit it shoots exactly staight. good job. haven't seen a gun like this. u should mod it so that it has a trigger. you could turn it into a mac-11.


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    why? your just jealous that you don't have the skill to build something like this. And wtf is wrong with being gay?!

    it is semi automatic and automatic because all of the bullets can fire at a rapid rate.

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    no automatic is when u hold down the trigger the bullets come out until it runs out of ammo or u let go semi auto is when u pull the trigger once and a bullet comes out and then another time for another bullet to come out

    no there is, if you get a motor to pull back the ramrod everytime then thats automatic