"Knight" Steampunk Object Art Custom Figure





Introduction: "Knight" Steampunk Object Art Custom Figure


This is the "Knight".

A custom, hand-made, figure with several different parts and materials, going from junk, old drawer pullers, nails, wire, painting, coral and stone beads, copper wire...and more !!!

For the last 5 years, I've been very into Object art, based on recyling junk or apparently useless stuff; mixing unusual other-use-specific parts - creating new items for an imaginative new world.

Take a look :) and see if you like it.

Thank you.



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    I want to check out your other post's but this one is pretty cool.....check out mine at remedios667 .....or bob667 on you tube

    :D Thanks again!!

    I love this one.

    It took 2 days to design, assemble and complete.
    I usually do "fast-projects"...else, I lose interest. :P

    Hey I saw your instructable to create a "nasty beetle" with the two pumpkin heads...the idea is just amazing.
    I see you are also very into turning specific stuff into other kind of creatures...isn't doing that GREAT ?!!? :D

    I think this looks REALLY good, despite again not knowing exactly why it's considdered Steam punk... but anyway, a nice I'ble :)

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