Kool Aid Dyeing for Lace




I kept looking for a tutorial for kool aid lace dyeing,but I couldn't find any, so I decided to make my own.


Step 1: Cut Your Lace

Cut you lace to the desired length you want,unless you want it all the same color. I am going to make a baby headband with my lace so I cut mine to 14 inches.

Step 2: Choose Your Kool Aid

For this piece of lace I chose grape and blue raspberry. (the blue is very pretty by itself  too, as you can see in the first picture) 

Step 3: Soak Your Lace

I use hot water, but room temperature water should be fine too. Mix in just a little bit of your kool aid (unless you are dyeing more than just a few inches). Then put your lace in. I always hold down the lace with fork so it stays completely submerged.  

Step 4: Remove Your Lace

Once the lace is the color that you want, remove it from the kool aid water and rinse in clean warm water. Once rinsed lay out on a paper towel to dry.

Step 5: Finish

Now you have lace that not only is pretty, but smells like your favorite kool aid. :P



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    8 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    this is an awesome idea! i have been searching high and low for a safe way to dye nylon lace on a vintage wedding dress. now i know exactly what i'll do!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I can't help but wonder that the lace gets scratchy from the sugar particles, like hair does when you dye that with kool-aid. Is it crunchy at all?

    2 replies

    you actually have to add sugar to the kool-aid when making it to drink, so i doubt it would have a sticky scratchy effect if you just used the packet to dye..

    No, it's not crunchy or scatching at all. Of cource I started out with really soft strechy lace. Besides I don't use sugar in the kool aid so that probably helps too.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I have washed kool-aid dyed stuff before and some does was out but not much. You can always heat set the color in the microwave and it becomes a little more color fast. Just think of how hard it is to get kool-aid stains out of clothing it is the same with stuff you dye using koolaid.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I've never actually washed it, so I don't know if the dye will wash out or not. I don't think it would wash out, considering kool aid stains really back. I wouldn't wash it in a machine though,I would stick with handwashing.