Kurumi Tokisaki's Muskets (Knex)





Introduction: Kurumi Tokisaki's Muskets (Knex)

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I was bored so I made the weapons of on of my most favorite anime characters; Kurumi Tokisaki from Date a Live and Date a Live II
these are non functional props, the last picture is the picture I used
so yeh

Step 1: Musket V2

I might post this one after the knex contest



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    very good
    Kurumi is best spirit :^)
    I hope she'll get 'sealed' in the movie if you catch my drift 8^)

    Ya I catch your drift alright, lol. I cant wait for the movie!! I wonder if they will continue date a live after the movie though.

    Weeb :^)

    The shape of the hammer thingies are hard to get with knex, but you did a pretty good job overall. They look pretty good.

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