Lego Boat

Introduction: Lego Boat

About: I am 10 years old i like Lego and origami it is very creative and fun . ••••••••••••••••••••••&b...

This is a very simple model of 15 small steps


Step 1: Body

Step 2: Assemble

Step 3: Front

Step 4: Assemble

Step 5: Attach

Step 6: Back

Step 7: Assemble

Step 8: Attach

Step 9: Lights

Step 10: Assemble

Step 11: Attach

Step 12: Motor

Step 13: Assemble

Step 14: Attach

Step 15: Done



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    This is very cool I love the look and color. I was inspired by The computer no1 to make my first intsructable