Lego Gravity Gun With Dr. Freeman



Introduction: Lego Gravity Gun With Dr. Freeman

About: I have been playing with real legos since I was 3 (back then Duplos were hard to get.) Every time I see something, I think, how would that look Lego? And every time I see something Lego, I think, How could I...

This is what my version of Gordon and his gravity gun look like. Like the portal gun, the was based off the design of kooberz, but modified.

Step 1: The Weapons I Used

These are some of the weapons that I used. Funnily enough, the pistol and handgun used in the gravity gun are two of the guns in the game, so that should be helpful for lego movies.

Step 2: Gravity Gun Parts

These are the parts that are used in the assembly.

Step 3: Gravity Gun Assembly

This is pretty straightforward. Make sure you put the handgun handle facing forward, which looks the best.

Step 4: Gordon Minifig

These are the pieces I used for Gordon. I put the holder at an angle so it would look cooler.

Step 5: Posing

I made a play set with all the bad guys for HL2 after him. To put the barrel in the air, I placed one of those clear bricks under it.

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