Lego NMOS Transistor Model

Introduction: Lego NMOS Transistor Model

This is a guide to putting together a Lego model of a simple NMOS transistor. This model is a three terminal model which forgoes the bulk connection. Estimated time for completion: 5-10 minutes.

Lego Materials

(3) 2x4 brick
(2) 2x6 brick
(2) 1x8 brick
(4) 1x2 brick

(2) 2x2 brick

(2) 1x4 plate

(1) 2x4 plate

Step 1:

Pieces needed for this step:
(2) 2x6 white bricks
(2) 2x4 white bricks

Create the bottom layer layout. Lay the two 2x6 bricks next to each other longways and place one 2x4 brick at each end. A 4x10 rectangle should be formed.

Step 2:

Pieces needed for this step:
(2) 1x8 white bricks
(4) 1x2 white bricks

Create the border of the second layer. Use the 1x8 bricks to connect the 2x6 and 2x4 bricks of the bottom layer together. The 1x8 bricks should be placed along the long edges and should leave room at each end for the 1x2 bricks to be placed. The 1x2 bricks should complete the outer border on each end.

Step 3:

Pieces needed for this step:
(1) 2x4 white brick

Create the middle region of the second layer with the last white brick. This 2x4 brick should be placed in the middle of the second layer and leave open a 2x2 section on either side of it.

Step 4:

Pieces needed for this step:
(2) 2x2 red bricks

Finish the second layer. Place a 2x2 brick in the open holes of the second layer.

Step 5:

Pieces needed for this step:
(2) 1x4 black plates

Place the two plates next to each other long ways on top of the middle 2x4 white brick of the second layer. The 1x4 plates should not overlap any of the red bricks.

Step 6:

Pieces needed for this step:
(1) 2x4 yellow plate

Place the yellow plate on top of the two black plates. This plate should completely cover the two black plates.


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