Lego Transformer... Autobot? Lost Constructicon? You Decide!

About: My name is James, and I am a hobbyist, amateur CAD designer, and graphic artist!

So this is my latest creation. Is it an Autobot? Is it a Decepticon? Is it neither? You decide! Write which you think it is in the comment section below. Also, write whatever you want to name him in the comment section below.

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Step 1: Transformation

These were the best pictures I could take with the little amount of time I had.

Step 2: Overall Design

Please write in the comment section below which character this reminds you of, and what names you would like to call him! 


ps: Sorry about some of the pictures being blurry. But I'm working with what I have.

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Update: I have made a new Lego transformer that, well to me, looks similar to transformers prime bulkhead. And if I can take pictures before it gets taken apart, I will do an instructable about it! So keep a look out for any new instructables coming your way!


Well, the name "Constructocon" is too similar to the name of the Desepticon construction team, the "Constructicons". But the other names I will take into consideration! I especially think "DirtClaw" is a fitting name for this guy! (:

Keep up with the name suggestions! It helps a lot! :)



5 years ago

you should add wheels to the arms and legs to makeit look like a wheeled digger. name suggestion : something like the deconstructor(since it's a construction vehicle)

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That's also a good name. And the thing about the wheels, I was trying to give him the look of having treads, you know, like most construction vehicles have. But apparently the "tread look" didn't go as planned. Also, with the wheels, I don't think he would look as good in robot mode. Thanks for the suggestion though! (;

Thanks for the name suggestion! It helps me out a lot! (:


I think Grave Digger is a very interesting name for this guy, because you know, it would go along very well with Bonecrusher. Because they are both Decepticons, both upgraded construction vehicles, and they both have pretty dark names! Bruhuhahahahahaaaa! (Evil laugh). ):-)

Have a good day!


Sorry, I just don't have the time or the patience to do something that time consuming. And it is already taken apart anyway, but when I get more time on my hands, and a better camera, I might try to do more tutorial type instructables. (;