Little Greeting Card Valentine's Gift

Intro: Little Greeting Card Valentine's Gift

This Tutorial is about MAKING GIFT FOR VALENTINE = Little Greeting card.

It is very cool gift to give someone special!!


Link for templates :

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    1 year ago

    Pretty! Suggestions: Poke each dot with a sharp pin or needle, with the paper flat on a dense foam mat or fabric, before stitching. It will make the sewing easier.

    Put the knot on the back or use adhesive tape to affix it.

    When done, mount the card on a slightly larger contrasting piece of paper or on the front of a folded card to hide the stitching in back. You'll need to use foam tape to adhere it under the edges, since the middle will be higher than the sides.

    You'd like spirelli, or winding thread around scalloped or spiky edges. You could do something similar by sewing all the way across the heart, then rotating to the next set of holes.