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Introduction: Log Rack

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This is a design for a simple log rack.  I have two log burning stoves and so I need small cut logs of approximately 10 inch (250 mm) long that will fit into the stoves.

So I need to be able to stack my cut logs on my porch. I made this simple Log Rack with odd and scrap bits of timber I had left over from repairing a roof. 

Size-  60 inch long. 40 inch high 10 inch wide. (1.5 m x 1m x 250 mm.)

The size of the timber is 1.5 inch by 1 inch rough timber (40 x 30 mm.) 

So I cut;  2 long bits 60 inch long (1.5 m)  4 bits 40 inch long (1 m.) and 5 bits 10 inch long (250 mm.)

On the 2 long bits I screwed 3 of the 10 inch bits to make a simple base (imagine a short ladder.) This becomes the base and helps air to circulate around and under the log rack.

Next I took a long 4 inch nail and nailed he 40 inch at each end of the 60 inch base. Why nailed? Because I then bent the nails to become simple hinge or pivots points for the 40 inch 'legs' for be able to fold up and down (To wedge the logs).

The last 2 10 inch bits. I screwed to the the top of the 40 inch 'Legs' to make the look like a tall 'goal' post. (See the photo)

And there you have it.

The last bit you need is a length of string or rope to tie the two legs across the top. Which holds the whole thing rigid when I stack the logs into the rack. 

Please comment on this, because its my first attempt at an in-structable and I want to know if I got it right, or wrong!

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    This is brilliant.
    The janky log racks I have made have all suffered from triangle bracing on the back, which means that logs longer than the depth of the rack are problematic.
    This solves that problem, dcreases weight, makes it portable, and allows the use of crappier materials!
    That's an all around victory, and your chest should swell with pride.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That's a GREAT idea Billrose! There are plenty of rack designs, and I've been working on it myself, but I never thought to use a length of rope to keep the tops together. Simple, cheap, effective - love it. If one of the sides was on the outside of the base, the whole thing would fold down flat. Or perhaps use two long pins as hinge points so the three pieces could easily be taken apart.

    Just for pickiness's sake, your sentence:
    "Which holds the whole thing ridged when there is logs stacked."
    ... should really be:
    "This holds the whole thing rigid when there are logs stacked."

    However, I'd say your first Instructable was ... right! Good instructions, clear photos, clever idea.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Ah Grammatical Error! Ok sorted that.

    I am working on other variations of this and will post again as soon as I build them. Thanks.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    No! Dude! "This holds the whole thing rigid..." Your sentence shouldn't start with "Which" and "ridged" means shaped like a ridge - you want "rigid" as in stable or firm. Mind you, if the rope keeps the whole thing shaped like a ridge, then you could be right...

    I look forward to seeing your variations. I actually could have done with your Instructable a couple of months ago when my wife and I stacked our wood for the winter. We managed to stack it so the piles were self-supporting, but your rope idea was the solution I needed for stabilising end supports.