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Introduction: Logic Gates in Minecraft

Hello, I am Flamp1x, I enjoy making redstone builds on Minecraft PC and PE versions, the only dif...

So in the last instructable, I showed how to build this simple adder, but I didn't explain how things really worked. If you look closely at redstone builds, you'll notice that at their most basic level, they compose of these four things:

Wiring, AND gates, NOT gates, and OR gates.

Everything else are mostly just combinations of these four things. So in this instructable, I'll be explaining my basic understanding of AND gates, OR gates, and NOT gates, which are called logic gates. I think wiring is pretty obvious, right.... RIGHT??

P.S.: I should mention that red clay is input A,
Orange clay is input B, and Sandstone(Yellow) is output.

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Step 1: The NOT Gate

This is the simplest of the logic gates, often called inverters, they are the building blocks of all other logic gates. They take the input, and reverse, or invert it. Basically, if the input is on, the output is NOT on, and vice versa.

Step 2: The OR Gate

This logic gate is basically two NOT gates, if you noticed. The purpose of this logic gate is different though. If input A OR input B is on, the output is on.

Step 3: Example of OR Gate

These are examples of what an OR gate does.

Step 4: The AND Gate

This logic gate is composed of three NOT gates. It's function is that if and only if input A AND input B are on, then there is output.

Step 5: Example of AND Gate

This shows that if, and only if, input A AND input B are on, then there is output.

Step 6: All Three Logic Gates

These are all the basic logic gates next to each other. There are other logic gates, such as the the NAND gate and the XOR gate, but at their most basic level, they are combinations of AND, OR, and AND gates.

Step 7: Thanks for Reading

Thank you for taking the time to read through this post, it wasn't the most complicated tutorial, but it wasn't the most detailed one either. The purpose of this instructable was jus to clear up at least the basic of how that adder worked, and to give a basic knowledge of how many redstone builds worked. There are a couple of exceptions to the fact that all redstone builds are these for components, it's true for every other case.

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable, it was fun to make and I enjoyed it. Anyways, please comment on how I can improve, because that really helps me. Now I hope you have a basic understanding of logic gates in Minecraft.

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