Introduction: M47u

This is my first gun. Shout out to Trauts for the clip and stock ideas. It is only a model, so i am open to suggestions for making it better. I got the name because when i made it, it reminded me of an M4A1 carbine and an AK47. Should i post?



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    Sorry that i haven't been around in a while. I am currently working on my suit of Pepakura Halo 3 Armor!!!

    Ahh thank you for his name!!! :D i wanted to give him credit for the stock and clip.

    I always figured that the handle was a part of the stock, so in this case, you are right. The rest of the gun was all me though.

    Does that include the Red dot sight? Cause' in that case I know who to give copyright.

    The red-dot sight and all the other attachments including the laser, flashlight, and the M203 are all my design. If anybody else on this site has the same design of any of these, it is purely coincedental.