Make a Replacement Game Pieces Using Instamorph




If you're missing a board game piece from common games like Chess, Checkers, Monopoly(tm), Sorry(tm), etc. you can use this technique to create a mold and "clone" new pieces using Instamorph.

To complete this Instructable you'll need the following:

  • 1 package Instamorph moldable plastic
  • 1 original game piece "sample"
  • 1 container slightly larger that sample game piece
  • heat source (stove)
  • large pot
  • tongs
  • food thermometer
  • ~1 gallon of water

Step 1: Select Appropriate Container for Game Piece

The first step is to select an appropriate container for your mold. Measure the size of the game piece, and find a container large enough to comfortably fit the game piece while lying on its longest side. An ideal container is roughly one quarter to one half of one inch WIDER than the game piece on all sides.

In this example, the game piece was roughly 1.25 inches tall on a 0.5 x 0.5 inch base. A 2"x1.5"x"1" container was selected (SD card case).

If cloning a flat, circular object such as a Checkers piece, a flat, round container such as a small Altoids(tm) tin would work fine. If cloning a larger game piece consider using household tupperware(tm) as a container.

Step 2: Heat Instamorph According to Package Directions

Follow the package instructions to heat the Instamorph to the desired temperature. Thought the packaging states that 160 degrees F. is the highest the Instamorph should be heated to, I found that 180 degrees worked slightly better as it made the plastic easier to work with.

NOTE: Do not pour entire package in at once. It will NOT melt as intended. Instead pour only small (~2 TBSP) quantities into heated water.

Let the Instamorph sit in the heated water for 2-5 minutes until translucent.

Step 3: Create Mold Using Original Game Piece

Immediately after removing Instamorph from heat source, fill the container approximately half way with Instamorph. Quickly press the game piece about half way into the Instamorph, creating the "bottom half" of the mold, leaving the game piece embedded into the bottom half of the mold.

For best results, submerge the top half of the mold into cold water to fully harden the Instamorph before continuing.

Create the top half of the mold by filling the area around the game piece with Instamorph, effectively "sandwiching" the game piece between two separate pieces of Instamorph. Fill the container to the point that it can still be sealed, leaving minimal air if possible (e.g. is should be totally "full" when closed).

For best results, submerge the top half of the mold into cold water to fully harden the Instamorph before continuing.

Step 4: Remove Original Game Piece and Create Clone

With both halves of the mold complete, remove the original game piece from between the two halves of the mold.

Using your hands, create a "rough" version of your game piece using a third piece of Instamorph and insert it into the void in the bottom half of the mold. Massage the Instamorph into the mold, leaving more than enough excess to fill the other side of the mold (but not too much more than you need).

Firmly press the top half of the mold over the second piece and close the container tightly. Wait roughly 30 seconds for the Instamorph to set.

For best results open the container, and submerge the clone game piece in water to allow it to fully harden before removing from mold.

Step 5: Finish the Game Piece

Withe the new game piece created, finish the game piece as desired. Use a craft razor to trim excess from game piece. Optionally, use a fine grit sand paper to smooth edges, and/or paint as needed.

Step 6: Recycle Your Mold and Make Something Else Fun With Instamorph

Once you've made all the replacement game pieces, throw the molds back into hot water and re-use it to make something else with Instamorph.



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    15 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Would this really work? Wouldn't the heated piece sitting inside the mold get stuck to the two mold halves?

    And even if it's more cooler, will it really fit into place?


    4 years ago on Step 3

    Shouldn't your first 'for best results' line say 'bottom' instead of 'top'?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    You have this statement twice:
    For best results, submerge the top half of the mold into cold water to fully harden the Instamorph before continuing.

    Should the first occurrence of that statement read "submerge the bottom half of the mold"?


    4 years ago on Step 6

    This is a cool way to cast. I use ComposiMold. They have some cool stuff, too. Enjoy. Way to go on this tutorial. I made this one of my favorites because I never heard of InstaMorph. Yea Boy! Good explanations.


    4 years ago

    If you cant get Instamorph, try using soft plastic mouth guards or visit a friendly dental technician for a flat circle of the same stuff.


    4 years ago on Step 5

    quick blast from a heat gun or even a torch can polish things like the areas where you have cut away.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    would not the mold need a release agent? I would have thought that the new heated plastic would then stick to the mold...? Where does one find Instamorph? Anyway, great idea, will have to look into this one too! Also, a double boiler process could prevent overheating, and manage temp more easily...just wondering. Cheers!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool. I was wondering if this was possible. My concern being that the hot Instamorph for the second mold half or game piece would be hot enough to deform the previous pieces.


    4 years ago

    cool .thx


    4 years ago