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Introduction: Making a Key Necklace

Making a "Hope" Key Necklace

I've been seeing these designer key necklaces lately and My daughter mentioned she wanted one so ......we decide to make one with keys I've collected over the years. .

Step 1: Materials

I Gathered my Stamping Gear....

Metal stamps

* I have 2 different styles and upper and lower case

* I also have number stamps, punctuation stamps and a few specialty stamps ( a star, a heart and a dog paw)


* I worked at a school that changed over to keypads and discarded all the locks and keys. I asked for the keys...... I knew I would some day need them! :)

Necklace with clasp

Wiener dog charm *optional

Stamping hammer and pad

Black sharpie

Step 2: Stamping the Key

I lay the key on the pad and lay out the letters I will use to stamp "Hope" into the key.

I stamped starting with H and working my way down to e. I left a space between the o and p so I could stamp a dog paw in the middle of the key.

After the key was stamped, I took a sharpie marker and colored over the words hope and wiped away the marker quickly with a tissue or cloth. This helps the stamping/word to stand out.

Step 3: Attaching the Necklace

After Stamping, I slide the key on to the necklace and attach the wiener dog charm to the key.

We attached a charm to our key and placed it on the necklace, my daughter picked a dachshund dog charm.

Step 4: Finished!

Hope Key Necklace is all done and took about 20 minutes.

Perfect for my daughter or our mini dachshund Gingie!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I can't help but think of all those locks that nobody can find the keys to.

    Yes, and it's personalized too! - good idea for a youth group to make or gift for a teen