Malaysia's Onde-onde





Introduction: Malaysia's Onde-onde

I have named it Malaysia's onde-onde just because of the cooking method. I have told by some of the Instructables Friends that this dessert's actual name is "klepon" which is original from Java, Indonesia. Thanks for the info guys...

However Onde-onde is a famous tea time dessert in Malaysia..where you can get it in every part of Malaysia especially from Malay people village... it is really suitable for a perfect tea-time.... Hope you will enjoy it..

Step 1: Ingredients

Main ingredients

1. grated cocunut (amount depend to you)
2. Gula Melaka (in malay) / brown sugar (chop it into small pieces )
3. Mixed doh

___________________________________________Mixed Doh ingredients

1. Glutinous rice flour
2. Pandan leave extract
3. Salt
4. Food color (Apple Green)
5. Plain Water

Step 2: Pandan Leaves Extract Preparation

We can get Pandan leaves extract at any grocery shop... It's for easy way... traditional way of preparing pandan extract also quite easy and can get real flavour.

1. Clean and Cut pandan leaves into small pieces.
2. add abit of water and blend it...
3. saparate the extract and the leaves using separator.
4. Done;)


Do not ever boil the leaves and then blend it.. all the aroma and the flavour will disappear once you boil the leaves...

Step 3: Mixed Doh Preparation

1. add glutinous rice flour
2. add abit of salt for taste
3. add pandan extract (just for flavour)
4. add water (abit by bit) to Makesure the Doh Did not become too wet...
5. mix all together and make the doh to roll up consistency ... not too hard or too soft...
6. done :)

Step 4: Prepare Sweet Balls

1. Take a small amount of Doh and make a small circle ball...
2. use your pointing finger and press it slowly in middle..
3. add some brown sugar in middle..
4. cover and close the Doh slowly...
5. roll it again to make it in a ball shape ..Makesure there no holes in the Doh that you that the brown sugar won't spread out while boiling it..
6. prepare as much as balls you want..

Step 5: Start Cooking

1. Boil water in a pan
2. Add one by one ball into the boiling water
3. once the ball cooked it will start to float
4. if the ball float, that is the sign that the ball already cook
5. In another plate, add grated coconut and abit of salt , mix it
6. once the balls taked out from boiled water, strain the water and put in grated coconut mix.. and roll it...
7. Take the rolled balls and serve in a plate
8. Done : )

Step 6: Serve It...

Serve the onde-onde balls in plate and serve it.. you will feel sweet surprise in every single bites...Yummyyyy..... enjoy your tea time with hot tea and onde - onde



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    16 Discussions

    Tq for the info... I Jz mentioned Malaysia Onde-onde because of the method... sorry if mistaken

    Tq for the info... I Jz mentioned Malaysia Onde-onde because of the method... sorry if mistaken

    the real onde-onde is like this picture, and this original traditional food from Jawa island in indonesia.

    2 replies

    here they call the green colour balls as Onde-onde.... that's why I mentioned that name. sorry if It's wrong; )

    that is not malaysia's onde-onde but KLEPON. KLEPON is traditional food from j
    indonesia especially in java island. and then ONDE-ONDE,it from indonesia too, especially from mojokerto city (east java). ONDE-ONDE is a traditional food from mojokerto city. so you cant give name for that food with malaysian onde-onde. why dont you named spageti with malaysian noodle too?you steal the tradition food of indonesia by change the name of food.

    1 reply

    Im sorry if I wrongly mention something... I just state Malaysian Onde-onde because that the way they make it Onde-onde in malaysia... no any other intention... :)

    I have never eaten onde2 in a while. this instructables made me drool. ?

    Thats food original from Java- Indonesia not from malaysia , and we call it "Klepon" .

    Thats food original from Java- Indonesia not from malaysia.

    That is from java, its call " Klepon ", traditional food from central java, Indonesia, right?

    1 reply

    Might be.. but as I know It's from Malaysia... maybe similar with what you mentioning above. ... Malaysia or Java..... its really delicious dessert....