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HEY GUYS! So, I decided to do some sfx scales. I think these scales would help top off any mermaid/snake/dragon Halloween look you have, and they don't HAVE to be on your leg it could be on your arm or face. haha. SO YEAH! to help support me! <3

Step 1: Step One

You need to make a hole in your leg! First I took some liquid latex and cotton balls. I thinned out the cotton ball and covered it in liquid latex and made a very rough round shape. I made sure to push up the inside and smooth down the outside of it. and I let it dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Grossness

To make the leg around the open area look gross and infected I took cream makeup, these are called makeup stacks that you can get at walmart or party city. I used the yellow and blended it all around the outside. After that I took the red and patted it on with a black stipple sponge and then grabbed a brush to push the red into the deeper parts. Next I took a tad bit of blue and purple and randomly dabbed it around.

Step 3: Veins

I used this blue body paint from Mehron and made sure it was REALLY watery and drug it out with wiggly lines and tapped it in to make veins. =P

Step 4: TEAL

I took this teal from Mehron to fill in the holes.

Step 5: Scales

I took the same blue we used on for the veins to paint on the scales. I didn't water it down as much though.

Step 6: Shadowing

I took a few colors from urban decays electric pallet and I used them to shadow around every scale.

Step 7: Black

As I was moving up I decided I need to add some black randomly to some of the scales.

Step 8: Highlight

I used some light green body paint from mehron to highlight the scales. AND THAT'S IT!

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    1 year ago

    The Three-D effect is amazing, like you usual produce. Now you could try some movable gills. Animation would look awesome.

    3 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Oooh that's going to be tricky. =P


    Reply 8 months ago

    If done at the side... there's a lot of options to play with. Gearheads might go full on engineer for that.

    One can breakout the circuits, gears, programming kits for smaller parts but outside of high def vid and someone standing next to ya with a magnifying glass, most people aren't really going to be able to discern it at all.

    so the illusion of moving parts works quite a bit better. A mild prosthetic - which could go either partial mold or just toying with odds and ends, sticking it on and matching to skin tone & texture... before determining what your overall base color might be

    too many peeps would be tempted to try to lay the gills horizontally.. you might want to aim for a 25% to 45 degree angle. If your gills are big enough leds or pint size glowsticks might be of use here. the mini glowsticks - those about the size of an AAA battery (and depending on your choice of materials) even without the flicker can help build the illusion..

    but I digress, a bit, so I might suggest after layering metallics on the broad parts, darker shades at the top and sides (although can't go wrong with a bit of dark blood red (manic panic doesn't dry very well without adding a fixative - however it looks stellar vs most budget makeup kits) along the sides and the tippy top/bottom) with matte white along the outer edge facing the public - particularly if you're looking to do a 'wet' dripping effect.

    that outer white edge needs to be differentiated from the gills, its partions and the overall body theme.. it's the visual outline that creates the same and eases the mind into correctly assuming what it is... it doesn't need to nor shouldn't remain white but it does need to standout slightly more from the rest

    one option might be toying with uv reactive / glow in the dark paints (which let's face it largely suck on the small scale too - sometimes on the large scale as there's a lot of variables to figure in between brands and the environment you're going to be in... but if you try to make it look like a bit of a dripping splatter with the entire piece and an excess amount for the separation of the gills.. it's the kind of thing people catch out of the corner of their eyes.. it needs to have an extra sparkle, glow, flicker to help fulfill the illusion of being more alive)

    of course, simpler task for breathing/dripping effect is going for the literal - simple aquarium hosing can work just run it down the neck and shoulder and with a bit of tinkering attach it to a water (squeeze) bulb hidden (strapped on) in your pit... for less gushing, use tiny balloons or finger protectors - you'll want a few at different segments of the gills, and they need to be attached to an air hose, to create the breathing/drip effect. if there's three sets of gills, the middle partition would be the most full tiny water balloon while the other two are half that - well, the top a little fuller than the bottom, so when air comes thru the middle bulges out more trying to force that air thru and the water out its tiny pinpricks and help move the other two while also dripping a bit. (and you might go with something other than 'water'.. this might be a spot for the innards of a glowstick, uv reactive, glow in the dark paints or just a thicker substance so you're not dripping wet by the end of your event... and its a definite for a more creepy effect. Although perhaps mermaid gill mucous/sludge is as marketable as ambergris, squid ink and unicorn snot)

    Reply 1 year ago

    Not so hard. A little small flat air bladder(s) and some of your unique 3D prosthetic abilities and you could easily do it.


    1 year ago

    MsMaoMaoz, Do the infected makeup.


    1 year ago

    Does it hurt to take the cotton off? And do I have to use liquid latex or can I use something else like a peel off base coat polish?

    1 reply

    Too late. I did it with nail polish as my makeup paint and peel-off basecoat as my liquid latex. It actually worked, but if I put it anywhere but the inside of my hand it hurts to take off. Sort of like a temporary tattoo.

    enzo yo

    1 year ago


    Good idea. Now when my daughter decides that she wants to be a mermaid, I won't have to construct a giant tail.

    1 reply