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Introduction: Mermaid Scales

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HEY GUYS! So, I decided to do some sfx scales. I think these scales would help top off any mermaid/snake/dragon Halloween look you have, and they don't HAVE to be on your leg it could be on your arm or face. haha. SO YEAH! to help support me! <3

Step 1: Step One

You need to make a hole in your leg! First I took some liquid latex and cotton balls. I thinned out the cotton ball and covered it in liquid latex and made a very rough round shape. I made sure to push up the inside and smooth down the outside of it. and I let it dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Grossness

To make the leg around the open area look gross and infected I took cream makeup, these are called makeup stacks that you can get at walmart or party city. I used the yellow and blended it all around the outside. After that I took the red and patted it on with a black stipple sponge and then grabbed a brush to push the red into the deeper parts. Next I took a tad bit of blue and purple and randomly dabbed it around.

Step 3: Veins

I used this blue body paint from Mehron and made sure it was REALLY watery and drug it out with wiggly lines and tapped it in to make veins. =P

Step 4: TEAL

I took this teal from Mehron to fill in the holes.

Step 5: Scales

I took the same blue we used on for the veins to paint on the scales. I didn't water it down as much though.

Step 6: Shadowing

I took a few colors from urban decays electric pallet and I used them to shadow around every scale.

Step 7: Black

As I was moving up I decided I need to add some black randomly to some of the scales.

Step 8: Highlight

I used some light green body paint from mehron to highlight the scales. AND THAT'S IT!



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    9 Discussions

    MsMaoMaoz, Do the infected makeup.

    Does it hurt to take the cotton off? And do I have to use liquid latex or can I use something else like a peel off base coat polish?

    1 reply

    Too late. I did it with nail polish as my makeup paint and peel-off basecoat as my liquid latex. It actually worked, but if I put it anywhere but the inside of my hand it hurts to take off. Sort of like a temporary tattoo.



    9 months ago

    The Three-D effect is amazing, like you usual produce. Now you could try some movable gills. Animation would look awesome.

    2 replies

    Oooh that's going to be tricky. =P

    Not so hard. A little small flat air bladder(s) and some of your unique 3D prosthetic abilities and you could easily do it.

    Good idea. Now when my daughter decides that she wants to be a mermaid, I won't have to construct a giant tail.

    1 reply