Minecraft Ult.Castle Walkthrough Part I

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Step 1: The Next Morning...

You wake up from your uncomfortable bed in the ferry, and emerge to find an unexpected sight from your door as you steadily wake up.

Step 2: Wow!

Created through the seed dumbocow on pocket edition, this natural wonder bewilds you whilst you get off the creaky ferry and progress through the port village.

Step 3: The Port Village

You realise that this village is made up of spruce wood and planks. As you progress through the village that smells an awful lot of seaweed :P as you reach the bridge, you come to mention that the foundation of the village is placed by blocks building up from the water, it's not connected to the landscape.

Step 4: The Wall

The wall is completly hollow, will you believe it!? The gate portcullis is pre-iron bars so its all wooden planks, built up from the ground up. The two statues facing the gate may seem very familiar to the statues seen in the dwarven fortress from last year, that's because they are brick by brick (hopefully) the replica, which I could do a a step by step guide if you all wish. The waterfall from the top of the citadel mountain feeds to the river, all natural of course.

Step 5: The Entrance of the Halls.

Upon the open gate holds the royal staircase, leading up to the 4 levels which holds the main parts of the citadel, some not finished yet.

Step 6: Level 1: the Prison

The prison which is still under contstruction, but so far it houses 3 cells which opens up from the roof, making escape completly impossible! This is created by first making a simple 4x4 cell and then making the surrounding ceiling afterward, making things easier to do rather then making a single second floor..

Step 7: Level 2: the Vault

This vault doesn't exist under official Royal records, away from public eyes :P this vault is only accessible from the guarded second floor. The money chests come down from the chain chute, whilst the way to access the vault is from a long stairwell which so far also doesn't exist. Some say that whatever's down there, it's guarded by a fierce dragon :O

Step 8: Level 3: the Library

What follows is the great Imperial Library, home to every thing regarding wisdom and knowledge. This library overlooks the while complex. Nothing special about this floor.

Step 9: Level 4: the Market, Forges and Armoury

This is the main floor of the citadel. Here is where the forges work, the markets bustle and the armoury is stored under lock and key. The forges are interesting, as they are fed their precious ores from this peculiar chute...where does this lead? Only one way to find out

Step 10: The First Medieval Rollercoaster!

Ahh! This chute appears to be a minecart tunnel which leads somewhere. This was the hardest thing to build by far! From it's source to the forge, I had to work completly from guess work, finding out the best way to move the carts without mucking the design up :P

Step 11: The Mines!

Ahhh the minecart tunnel led to the mines, which lie outside the citadel. Lit by hanging lights inspired by the mine lights in Erebor from An unexpected Journey. The multiple routes lead to the workshop, the other forges and the armouries. The exterior of the mines are encased in this ceremonious palace building with a fire beacon on top to indicate the miners at work.

Step 12:

Coming soon:
The Walls and Catapults
The Beacon Tower
The Palace and Throne Room

Hope you enjoyed this mega walkthrough, keep I building! :D



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    3 years ago

    that looks so cool i wish i could play it and yea thats a good questin builder


    4 years ago

    For Pocket Edition it is Dumbocow

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    Betty boob

    4 years ago

    The seed?? It's not dumbocow


    5 years ago

    Please comment for anything that you be interested in building and I'll see what I can do about a guide (I know I'm not so good at keeping promises but I'll try my hardest :)